3/4 Christmas carol performance

I loved the performance and I liked the way that you pulled donkey and the songs and the angle dancing well done you did really well

Year 3/4 Christmas show

I was so exited to watch the Christmas show it was fabulous and my favourite part was were the donkey took  Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

Foundation Stage Nativity

We loved watching your nativity this week! You were all brilliant and your singing was fantastic! Well done to everyone!

Leave your comments for the Nursery and Reception children here.

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Y 1/2 Nativity Show

What a fabulous nativity from the children in Year 1/2. We loved it! The elephants were superb! Very entertaining!

Let the children know what you thought too!

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Year 3/4 Christmas Carol Concert

Today we were treated to a superb carol concert from Year 3 and 4. I was certainly very impressed by the beautiful singing.

Leave your comments below for the children to read!

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Excitement over Tanhar’s game!

On Friday, Tanhar showed the class his new game which he made at home using a coding app called Scratch. There was plenty of excitement as the boys took on the girls in a series of head-to-head challenges!

Scratch is available on all the school iPads and after Christmas the whole class will be exploring what they can do with it! Im sure we must have some future games designers in class… Watch this space!

image image

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Christmas Shows!!!

Hi everyone its me Nyasha and as you can see by the title I’m going to be talking about the Christmas show. First I want to give a shout out to the Villagers, the Mice, the Shepherds, the 3 Kings, the Angels, the Snowflake Dancers, the Star, the Narrators, the Austrian Dancers, the Innkeeper and his Wife, Mary and Joseph and of course the people singing on the floor. Good Luck to you all. Remember you all have an important, so play it! Wish you all the Best!

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Plant Dissection in 5/6T!

Today in science we dissected a flowering plant to see if we could identify all of the different parts. We’ve been learning about how some plants reproduce and we’re going to do some app smashing to make a short scientific video about this. We’ll be sharing them soon so that you can learn about this too, so keep checking back here!

image image image image image


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Maia Masterpieces!

So here they are, the finished pieces at long last, but they’re definitely worth the wait!

Well done to everyone for working so hard on your pictures- they’re all amazing!

To top it all off, Maia is visiting the school after Christmas to work with Year 5/6 on a very creative project and we can’t wait for her to see you work up close!


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how to get minecraft forge for PC/MAC OX

hello and today I will be showing you how to get minecraft forge for pc.

things you will need:

  1. a pc/mac ox computer
  2. minecraft YOU WILL NEED A ACCOUNT FOR THIS AND THAT COSTS MONEY SO ASK A PARENT TO BUY IT! click HERE to get the minecraft launcher.
  3. it you don’t understand click HERE for a vid on how to do it.

first go to the WEBSITE by clicking the word website that will be in purple or blue.

next download the recommended version of forge.

after that find the .jar file in your downloads and double click it.

then agree to everything and make sure it is on install client and press ok and then you have installed minecraft forge for 1.8 into your minecraft launcher.


if you found it helpful comment and if you want more on my how to series.

its me Duncan signing out.


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